The Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago Route of the North

This route is as old as the French Route and was favoured by European monarchs during the middle ages in order to reach Santiago de Compostela.

As the Reconquest advanced and the lands of the south found peace again, the Route of the North began to lose its popularity. For centuries it was barely used by pilgrims, nevertheless, with the increase in pilgrimages to Santiago it has regained its status as a route and has once again become very popular.

Iglesia de Santa María
Santa María de Markina-Xemein.

Stage 4 Deba - Markina

Our Rural House is located in the middle of the 4th stage (Deba-Markina) of the Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago on the North coast. If you are a pilgrim please come and get to know us. You’ll feel at home and will be eligible for our special price rate.

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At this stage we leave Guipúzcoa and go into inland Biscay, replete with beautiful landscapes, dark corners rich in nature which open up to Markina.

This is the first Biscayan town crossed by the road to Santiago. Founded in 1355 by Don Tello, Lord of Biscay its parallel and narrow streets stilol preserve the medieval atnmosphere of its old walled quarter. The town marked an important historical milestone inmediebal pilgrimage, since it already had a pilgrim hospital, located in Erdotza, in the 11th centuty. Among its many historical buildings, we many find the Renaissance Barroeta Tower and the baroque Mugartegi Tower.

The church of Santa María, build in the 16th century in Reinassance style, has three naves, one of them being the largest in the Basque Country. The Neo-Classical graveyard is attached to it.

Inside the historic quarter, we many find several Renaissance ang Baroque manor houses, as well as the Chapel-Hermitage of El Prado, dating for the 17th century.

In eaving the town towards Gernika, we find the Carmetile fathers Monastery, widht an outstanding and beautiful masonery facade. The Chapel and the gothic Hermitage of our lady of Erdotza, dating for the 15th century, are located in the outskirts. If we go a bit further, we find the Kareaga Tower.

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